July 24, 2024

Chelsea Austin Intercession

Chelsea Austin is a 29-year-old Christian blogger known for her inspiring work on “The Prophetic Apple.” Based in Hamilton, Bermuda, Chelsea is dedicated to sharing her faith and offering valuable insights to her readers. With a passion for writing and a heart for serving others, Chelsea’s blog serves as a platform for spreading positivity and spiritual growth. Through her refreshing perspective and relatable content, Chelsea encourages her audience to explore their faith and embrace a life of purpose. Follow along with Chelsea on her journey of faith and discovery on “The Prophetic Apple.”

Blog: thepropheticapple.com

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@thepropheticappple?si=XjVVhBxaw_dHzi5G

TikTok: @heychelshey

Instagram: @thepropheticapple

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