May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “Cleansing your Bloodline

  1. I am blessed by this revelation of the impacts/curses bloodline iniquities have had on my personal life and the rest of my community. My community, including myself and my family have been gripped by some unknown forces. There is no prosperity and dryness amongst the people in the community. It is difficult for men in the community to maintain a healthy spiritual relationship with God in the church. They repent one time and are out of the church as soon as they can. Business ventures failed every time one tried out something.

    As this struggles were real overtime, I started wondering what was happening to us. In my quest to find out more, I was led to tap in on this subject of bloodline iniquity. I started my research by watching YouTube videos on this topic and websites which gave me more knowledge. on the 28/07/2020, I came across your website. Your teachings on this topic really convicted me and I am thankful to God for revealing to me what bloodline iniquities can do to us.

    It was through research and discussions with a local church pastor that God revealed to us something that our fathers in the community and their fore fathers did in the past years going back as far as over a 100 years that was against God’s will. It was a ritual they were involved with which I will not elaborate further; but that ritual was root cause of all the dryness, sickness, conflicts, etc. that took place in the community over the years.

    I thank God for this revelation. I am now praying on this for God to forgive me and this bloodline iniquity and others that may still be hidden in the name of Jesus and cleanse it by the power of the blood of Jesus. I speak Colossians 2:14 over this bloodline iniquity and over all my sins and iniquities. My children, my siblings, parents and the rest of the members of our community and their families be released from this curse and our land be blessed in Jesus name.

  2. Ever since I came across the teaching on this blood line thing via satellite TV I’ve immediately put it into practice. When I look through my family tree I discovered idolatry as number one sin my ancestors have thrived on as such leading to various other sin like murder, adultery, fornication etc I’m currently pleading the blood of Jesus to wash me from every contamination and praying the deliverance prayers and I know God will heal my bloodline and set us completely free in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Thank you Lord for such a revelation, God wants us cleanse our selves before He returns because He is coming for a clean & sanctified church

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