July 18, 2024

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    1. Deliverance Chronicles delivered me from a host of demons that I never knew I had. I am a Christian, but I was never taught about demonic spirits that inhabit human bodies and manifest themselves as diseases, addictions, afflictions and etc. I thank God every day for connecting me with Wayne and the Deliverance Chronicles team. I have been delivered and now I have a new outlook on life. #dlvrnce

    2. I came across brother Wayne’s website just recently. The day that I came across Wayne’s website was the night I got attacked by the violent, sexually perverted demon succubus. That evil spirit persued me since I was a very young child. I was searching for deliverance churches in my area until I came across brother Wayne. I’ve never experienced such an intense deliverance session as this one. Many evil spirits were exposed, and I’ve never vommited so intensely as I ever had in that day. I got set free from many spirits, there are still some demons and strongholds that the father is setting me free from and I believe that it’s going to be a process yet. Thank God for brother Wayne and the annointing he has upon his life, to set the captives free in Jesus name!

    3. I have made several attempts at writing a testimony, somewhat speechless and not sure what to say. I rate this experience a 10 (scale 1-10, 10 being best).
      I am beside myself in AWE. To me, the magnitude and drama of the demons that left have left me rather speechless.
      For a long time have been harrassed. (Since childhood) Many, many generational spirits were removed. I am even experiencing relief in my relatives. Alleluia!! Blessed, blessed be to God Almighty. Bless His Holy Name, Blessed be Jesus, Blessed be the Holy Spirit. All Glory, All Glory. The Lord IS King.
      Oh how long I have wrestled in the word and prayer just to keep afloat.
      A shift in my life and circumstances began to leave me exhausted.; feelings of defeat, guilt, hopelessness and the loss of the desire to live started to overcome me. But I knew what Psalm 51:17 says. Oh, Yes, a contrite heart Lord you will not spurn, Isiah 42:3 A Bruised reed He will not break.
      Joel 2:32 became my anthem “It shall come to pass that all who call upon the Name of the Lord shall be delivered. ” Who would help me? surfing the net I came upon Deliverance Chronicles web page and I was compelled to reach out. A brave step. I am pretty naive about deliverance prayer, but I trusted, believed and followed Wayne’s lead with my whole self. Yea every part of me was engaged. We were in battle. However, Wayne says there is more to be done. I will forever be grateful. And pray for this ministry. Support it financially when possible Peace and courage in Christ to all who reads this, Amen Alleluia

  1. The Lord put me with brother Wayne years ago for certain purposes, I have been blessed to go through Deliverance with Wayne and to deal with spiritual issues I didn’t even know existed at the time. I’ve been blessed to learn more and more about this new concept of Deliverance through Wayne in his ministry. I know Deliverance Chronicles will grow and great things will come out of it, giving glory to God. I highly recommend every Christian get involved with Deliverance, and that people share Deliverance Chronicles with other believers. Wayne, I thank God for you, and thanks to you my brother for everything. ?? #dlvrnce

  2. I am going through a rough time ( my son lost original certificates) on Instagram I saw a post on Deliverance chronicles immediately I dm my problem, Bro. Wayne responded immediately and prayed for me and said your son’s original copies are on the way today I got them Praise God he delivers from any kind of situation Praise God #dlvrnce

  3. God brought me to Wayne and Deliverance Chronicles. I invited demons in as a child, not knowing what I was doing playing with a Ouija board sold in a major toy store!! I have struggled with so much misfortune and depression, anxiety, many illnesses, and surgeries. A year ago I cried out to God with all of my heart. He answered me and brought complete strangers into my life that helped me along my path. I was never raised with God, I had no idea what I was dealing with. I contacted Wayne and within a few minutes, we were praying together. Praise God!! Wayne delivered me from the demon I invited as a child and a few that the demon brought along. God is doing amazing things in you Wayne! I could feel His Spirit through the phone! I finally have peace after over 30 years of torment! May God continue to bless you Wayne and grow Deliverance Chronicles so big it will be everywhere! People need Jesus, keep on preaching and delivering us! We need deliverance!! #dlvrnce

    1. I thank you for your kind words, God Bless you and strive to keep your deliverance. Bless our Lord Jesus Christ to whom all power authority, majesty, dominion and power belong.

  4. Today I asked the Lord to send His word my way concerning a situation I’m facing. I happen to tune into Deliverance Chronicles and BAM! He used you to minister to me with such accuracy. Thank You. #dlvrnce

  5. When I was younger I became satanist my evil ways and rebellion consumed me and all I saw was darkness until I repented and gave my self to Christ I battled for 13 years alone and saw no result, the enemy kept attacking until I searched for help and I bumped into these deliverance chronicles and I was delivered completely thank you Lord and Lord Jesus with fasting and prayer I was delivered, glory be to God and Jesus hallelujah they are the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end God bless the minister Wayne Richards he is a blessing in my life we battled together and we won the battle of course with the help of the Lord and him of course so that’s my testimony and have a blessed day. #dlvrnce

    1. We Give God all the honor and Glory it is by His power people are delivered and set free

  6. I was at risk of having major procedures done as I’ve abused the hell out of my body I’m only 23. I prayed and prayed and prayed and god gave me the opportunity for another chance. I have a very big fear of surgery and somehow the doctors I saw yesterday said it was literally a miracle I didn’t need surgery. I was having gastro issues. And these guys trust me are like some of the best doctors on the east coast. God is real my friends and I would’ve never before have asked him I’m an ex-satanist but he is very real as are deliverance ministries and trusts me it seriously works. Put your faith in god and he’ll respond. I felt all lonely and on my own and I still do but being closer to god my life has dramatically improved. Nothing will ever be 100% normal but it brings you a lot closer to it and you find peace. Please don’t doubt if this stuff works it does have faith my brothers and sisters and you will see what God is capable of. #dlvrnce

  7. Thank you man of God for not charging for deliverance !! All these other people on the internet are charging and Jesus never did !! He Freely healed and cast out spirits and asked for Nothing in return !! And that’s the way it should be.

    I will gladly sow into your ministry ! I do not want to be a taker but want give back in return so that you can further advance in your work for the kingdom !

    People don’t just receive your deliverance and forget about the man that God placed in your life as a vehicle of deliverance!!

    Make sure you bless and sow back for your deliverance even if you haven’t received it yet. This man had spent so much time in prayer with me even in the midnight hours when I was getting attacked by spirits and never asked for a dime !

    He’s taking his time away from his life to pray with countless people because he desires to see people set free !!

    And no one told me to post this I just felt like I needed to address this because I see so many ‘Deliverance’ ministries asking for money before they even pray for you and this man has asked for nothing. When I needed prayer this man of God was there no questions asked.. what a blessing !!

    I pray that God open up the Heavens over your life man of God and bless you a thousand times over ! Thank you for not being a lover of money but of God ! And I will keep sowing into your ministry so that I can be a blessing to you, your ministry, and so that you can reach many more souls! To God be the Glory !!

    1. We thank God that we are able to be used. We thank god for your support in helping us to get the message out and set others free, God Bless you and all of yourd

      1. I don’t know what to say but I do have to give God all the Glory first. I was bound by demons. Tormenting demons. They were evil. I googled and I do not know how I clicked on deliverance chronicles website but I did it had to be the word deliverance that drew me. Well, I wrote out my complaints about demons for me, my husband and children and to my surprise, I got a reply back. He asked can he call me and I told him yes and gave him my phone number. We talked and he ( Wayne did a course-breaking and was asking thorough questions so he can get to the root of the curse and break it in Jesus Christ Name. He ( Wayne did an intensified deliverance that was very thorough and commanding the demons to leave. I do have much relief. I do still have some demons manifesting but not as bad as before but that’s nothing the Lord can’t fix with prayer and fasting. After the commanding, He asked the Jesus to heal me and The Holy Spirit to fill the vacant spots where the demons left. If you need help in breaking curses and want a thorough and intensified deliverance bro Wayne through the power of Jesus Christ can help you. He has the acknowledge and power to do so through Jesus Christ. Thank you brother Wayne for your help in the Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you and your ministry #dlvrnce

    2. I was completely unaware that deliverance was differant from possession. Bc I was not “possessed” when I started to learn what deliverance really was..(no church teaches this) I started to realize I was being affected in my personal life by several negative spirits. Despair, poverty, prevent, failing at everything,dis-obedient children, always sick, a family that only hurt you, I had gone through more in my short 35 years of life than most will ever encounter. For over an hour I spoke with brother wayne. He was casting out several curses, negative energies, pain, he knew things about me that no one could have known. I was vibrating, crying, my next was doing wierd things, my voice changed and was unrecognizable to me and after we had finished I felt relief. Light weighted, and my heart felt swollen. He said that I had a different look to me like I was glowing. I will continue to keep in contact with him. I will continue to follow gods commands and let jesus carry me. Pray for the sick. And I sharing my story with many. #dlvrnce

  8. I have been fighting some very serious battles in my life. Last night, Bro. Wayne prayed for me. God led him to very specific areas to deliver me from and bring healing. He was made aware of situations that happened decades ago. I cannot even explain what deliverance felt like, but I felt free and my head was clearer than it has been in a long time. I was able to forgive my parents for something I wasn’t even aware of, that I had been carrying anger about! I also realized that even though there were people who had wronged me that I had forgiven, I had not gotten rid of the demons associated with my anger.

    Wayne spoke to the little girl in me, who had been wounded many years ago. He spent time, a precious commodity, and asked for nothing in return. He is an amazing man of God. I cannot even begin to thank you, Wayne for your investment in me. God bless you, my brother.

  9. I just wanted to thank you Mr. Wayne for helping me get delivered last night! I’m feeling better after last night’s session! God is so good! I slept so well last night! Once I get another job and get my first paycheck at my new job, I plan on giving to your ministry as a thank you! Thank you again!

    Ashley Taylor

  10. I had been dealing with a incubus spirit knowingly since 1991. But after reflection I been dealing with it my entire life. It was extremely frustrating going to church and coming home to an attack at night. I’d reached out to churches for years to no avail.
    So I try to deal with it on my own. In the mid 2000 I found books on the topic and tried self deliverance. I thought that I was free until about three weeks ago when I suffered a sudden attack. So back to researching I went and found Pastor Wayne’s YouTube page.
    After listening to his four of his teachings on the topic I decided to contact him.
    Now, because I have been ignored, talked down to, accused , etc In the past, I was leery above contacting him and I submitted vague contact information. I would not recommend that. You are completely safe with Pastor Wayne. I absolutely felt safe and covered during the whole process.
    You don’t have to suffer alone. Please, if you are battling these foul demons please contact Pastor Wayne! You are safe.

  11. Good Morning so I have been asking God to deliver me from everything that wasn’t him so on Sunday when I was shaking when I was getting prayer an I couldn’t understand why. Well this Morning God told me it was the Childhood Trauma because I was ready to be free 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😭😭😭 Jesus!!!!!!!

  12. Hallelujah sis. Monica!!! I am rejoicing with you!! 💃🏽💃🏽♥️♥️ To God be the Glory!! He is always moving mightly and patiently as we are growing in Him at our life’s pace. He is there with His refining fire, waiting for us at every next level that we rise to on our journey with Him!♥️♥️

    Thank you for sharing!

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