June 17, 2024

1 thought on “Demonic Sexuality

  1. OMG! As I read this, I now understand why I act/respond and don’t act/don’t respond to certain issues in my life. At 4 years of age being forced to perform fallatio on my babysitter’s nephew/brother (can’t remember the exact relation any more but I definitely remember the act) and then later as a teen been raped….I now understand and recognize my uncomfortability around men as I became older and even in the workplace….my timidity and ability to withdrawl from situations in other areas, etc.

    I understand with more clarity why I’ve attracted the type of men I have and also, what contributed to the failure of my marriage (although he had his own issues that directly contributed).

    I recognize several of that spirits that have operated in my life over the years and now realize these things weren’t part of my personality but are actual spirits. Thank you for listing the prayers to say so that we may be strategic in our prayer life!

    This was such a revelation for me….so thank you!

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