July 24, 2024

7 thoughts on “Is your Soul Caged?

  1. These prayers are a blessing and guide to the body of Christ on how to begin speaking against destiny stealers in their lives in spirit and truth. Thank for your obedience. Keep Pressing Dr. Wayne. I pray for the angels to send refreshment daily as you war and serve as Gods Armor Bearer.

  2. Dr Wayne do you have any prayers that combat mind blankness and recalling information to take tests. And I have experienced I have taken this one class three times I can’t move pass it. I have gotten three bad grades, I have studied daily gotten tutoring and turned in my assignments in on time and gotten high grades when mid terms roll round my grades drops, I’m wondering is there a demon assigned to my life purposely keeping me there. I have cried out to God about this very issue, many times. I asked God are you sure he wanted me to pursue music he said yes. I had confirmation about this.

    I will like to get this broken off of my life, what prayers do I pray for this?

    1. I know you did not ask me but this sounds like an evil pattern that needs to be broken. I saw a similar one in my life. The best prayers are fasting, reading prayer points on breaking evil patterns and tithing.

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